Healthy Soil = Healthy Garden

Healthy Soil = Healthy Garden

Amending your soil with compost this fall, strengthen your plants to weather the upcoming winter season. Although spring seems to be the right time to give a boost to our gardens, the best time to add the necessary nutrients to our soil is right before winter.

Why Autumn?

Soils are often left unattended during winter waiting for spring planting. Adding compost before winter, provides a hospitable environment for organisms that will keep our soil functioning at its best, all winter long. As compost continuous its natural process of decomposition, the winter allows the necessary time to continue with its natural process.

Finally, adding compost before winter provides an amazing support for plants’ root systems during the dormant season, and provides the soil with the energy to withstand the colder temperatures.

Expected differences during the next growing season include, water retention, weed reduction and overall plant growth.  

More about composting on this site.

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