Problems with City Composting—And Why Choosing the Right System is Key

Problems with City Composting—And Why Choosing the Right System is Key

From space constraints to nasty odors, composting in the city isn’t easy. Here is where choosing the right container is critical to stay in good terms with your neighbors, your community and your lifestyle. We wrote an article last year that touches on this subject, and thought it was time to share this interesting topic with new customers and those that are interested in starting to compost at home.

If you are reading this article, you are familiar with the efficiencies gained by composting. Furthermore, composting at home is an efficient way to create a self-reliant system where kitchen scraps and yard waste are broken down/composted and transferred back into the soil.

The process is simple, but urban residents might have their own set of unique challenges composting too close to neighbors. At HOTBIN, we are cognizant of these challenges and the reason why we take pride in providing a composter capable of turning your waste into a valuable oil amendment for your garden, while keeping you in good terms with your neighbors.

Let’s go over the top three urban composting issues and how HOTBIN addresses them, one by one.

  1. Smell – HOTBINs come with an integrated charcoal filter than eliminates unpleasant composting odors that can get you into trouble with your neighbors.
  2.  Vermin, rodents, and other wildlife animals around your composter – If you clean the lid area after adding new waste and close the lid, the HOTBIN integrated filter should take care of the odors that attract them. In addition, HOTBIN’s outer material (Expanded Polypropylene) can be attached by wildlife without compromising its internal process capabilities, due to its thick insulation that protects the internal system.
  3.  Space & landscape look & feel– HOTBINs have a small footprint and appealing look that is resistant to external weather conditions or becoming an eyesore in your garden.

If you are still considering the idea of composting at home, please remember that compost is an invaluable resource for the urban gardener, and while city composting presents its own set of challenges, if you choose the right composting device, you can have an effective system no matter where you live.

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