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I found an article that defines composting as ‘nature’s way of recycling.’ I couldn’t agree more with that definition, as nature is the power behind any method and existing composting device.For years, backyard composting in rural areas have existed with great success. However, there is limited participation in densely populated urban areas mostly due to garden space limitations, HOA restrictions, implementation challenges of local curbside programs, behaviors, and convenience (read more).The immediate solution to all articles read on the subject concludes that greater investment in education and infrastructure are required to confront these challenges. At HOTBIN, our mission is to...

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When you add compost to your garden in the fall, you are improving the structure, quality and richness of the soil and making plants resistance to the coming season. Indeed, you are feeding essential microbial life within it.

Fall is also the best time to start composting and have a new batch of compost ready by early spring.

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The answer is yes. Coffee grounds can be an excellent addition to your composting pile. Besides waking you up every morning, used coffee grounds can wake up your composting pile. How? Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which provides the energy that bacteria needs to turn organic matter into compost. Coffee grounds small particle size greatly increases surface area. As more surface area is exposed, the decomposition process generates more heat, thus speeding up the composting cycle. Additionally, coffee grounds can be a safe substitute for nitrogen-rich manure in the compost pile per Cindy Wise, coordinator of the compost specialist...

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I normally like to keep blog posts generic so the tips provided are applicable to all kinds of composting methods. However, this week, I feel I need to be more specific to customers using HOTBIN or a similar aerobic hot composters, where composting relies on bacteria breaking down waste as air (aerobic process) circulates throughout. Why Keeping a Balanced Composting Act is Critical For the above mentioned aerobic composting process to work and be efficient, there needs to be what I am going to call ‘The Composting Balancing Act ’ in the amount of food-waste, bulking agent (mulch) and paper added...

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