The HOTBIN Weekender #23

The HOTBIN Weekender #23

Which is the most efficient composter?

Hands down… hot composters are the most efficient and here is why:

The term "hot composting" refers to a method in which microbial activity within the composting pile is optimized, resulting in finished compost faster. If producing compost fast is not something you want… all is good. However, if producing compost fast is what you are looking for… a hot composter is what you will need. With a hot composter, all you will need is the right device and a good set of instructions that will assist you to start composting quickly and easily. 

Hot Composting Basics

The size of your compost bin or pile is very important when it comes to hot composting, as the composter will need to be fed with food and/or garden waste frequently (every 2-3 days), to keep the composting pile hot with microbial activity. Also important is to keep the composting pile aerated. Therefore, the size of your hot composter should reflect the size of your household. HOTBIN has two models. A 52-gallons composter bin for a family of 3-5 people, and a smaller 26-gallons model for a household of 1-3 people.

That said, big is not always better when it comes to hot composting efficiencies, as the size of your composting bin should be proportional to the available waste that you will have to manage.

Balancing the Composting Act

I normally like to keep blog posts generic, so that the tips provided are applicable to all kinds of composting methods. However, when speaking about hot composters, I find the following article relevant and useful for HOTBIN customers or others using a similar aerobic hot device. Since hot composting relies on bacteria breaking down waste as air (aerobic process) circulates throughout, adding the right mix of waste, paper & mulch is critical to having an efficient composting process. Read more

The Right composter in an Urban Setting

Can I compost in the suburbs? The answer is yes. You can compost in the suburbs whether you reside in a townhouse or a single home, all you need is a small space in your backyard. Composting in the suburbs is just as composting on a farm as long as you are mindful of odors and select the right composter to avoid problems with your neighbors. Read more

Items That Can Be Hot Composted

It's best to have all of your materials on hand when you build the hot compost pile. Usually, we add organic matter to the pile as we accumulate it, but with hot composting, the whole point is to get the pile to heat up. For this, we need a large amount of organic matter, with the right carbon to nitrogen ratio, right from the start. The carbon to nitrogen ratio is essential in getting the microbial activity going in high gear and heating up the pile.

For HOTBIN current and future users, we offer what we call the Seven Secrets of Hot Composting to assist you in making your home-composting experience simpler, cleaner, and more efficient. Click to view our list.

Hot Compost vs. Cold Compost… which one is better?

Both methods can do the job, thus the decision making is based on which method is a better fit for your goals and lifestyle.  If the time to get composted soil, volume of waste, and the space is not an issue for you; then, a cold composter can fit your needs. However, if you are serious in composting day-in and day-out; and season-in and season-out… you will want to select a hot composter that can do the job faster, allows you to keep adding more waste to previous batches, and works all year round. Read more

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