The HOTBIN Weekender, Ed. 2

The HOTBIN Weekender, Ed. 2

On this week's HOTBIN Weekender we are including a good mix of news, and tips for the season. I hope you find this week's selection of interest and value. Feel free to let us know what topics you would like to see in future editions. Until then, enjoy your week-end!

A Few Reasons Why Fall is the Season for Planting

Autumn gardening chores often involve getting your garden ready for winter and raking off fallen leaves. However, if you're only focused on leaf-removal, you will miss a perfect planting opportunity. >>Learn Why

BBC Gardener's Wold Magazine Classifies HOTBIN as Best Buy. Early this year.

Gardeners' World Magazine found HOTBIN to be ideal for small spaces, fast and generating little mess. In a nutshell, they found HOTBIN to be the fastest to compost, compact and clean to operate. >> Read the complete article

What is HOTBIN Made Of?

HOTBIN is made from ARPRO® Expanded Polypropylene also known as “EPP” (not Styrofoam) and it is used in high-value, safety-critical Automotive and Aerospace applications. So, if you purchase a HOTBIN and the box received is lighter than expected... don't panic! This is (EPP) what makes HOTBIN an Efficient Composter. >> Learn more

Common Backyard Compost Problems Published by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Many Americans have been composting in their backyards for years with great success. Composting bins are trying to provide another tool for urban areas. This article addresses challenges and common problems encountered with this composting method. >> Read more

Composting in Urban Setting.

Can I compost with snow in the ground? Do I have enough waste? Can I control pests? Can I truly aspire to live a healthy life by recycling waste and composting at home? Our audience is growing and adding this article from early this year serve as a refresher for all, as it addresses most of our concerns related to composting at home. I hope you enjoy it. >>Read complete article

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