What Time is it? It is Weeding Time!

What Time is it? It is Weeding Time!

Yes, it is spring and the time for grassy weeds to emerge from wherever they are deep in the soil and invade our gardens!

Did you know that you could compost weeds in hot composters like HOTBIN? Furthermore, compost spread throughout your garden and beds can eliminate weeds from growing, leaving you to fully enjoy the warm weather and your beautiful garden (sans weeds).

I remember spending my first weekends of spring, weeding them out, and stopping them from taking over my gardens. Warm weather and rainfall during spring and summer cause weeds to flourish and evolve. Spreading compost in my garden has been liberating!

If you are not yet composting or your compost is not ready yet, the following are tips that can help you to get rid of weeds and stop them from spreading (in the meantime):

  1. Digging up weeds with a garden fork aiming to remove all the root, is the most effective method. If properly done, it can work wonders.
  2. Adding a barrier. Adding mulch on top of soil suppress weed growth while releasing essential nutrients back to the soil. You can also add a fabric under the mulch for better protection.
  3. Mowing frequently. The grass is a good way to deter weeds as it weakens the plants and stop them from setting seed.
  4. Pouring boiling water. Weeds growing on patios can be killed by simply pouring boiling water as it not only kills the weed plant, but can kill any seeds that are dormant.
  5. Make homemade weed killer with baking soda. Sprinkle the plants with water and sprinkle baking soda afterwards. Reapply in 4-6 weeks if weeds have not disappeared.
  6. Adding vinegar or acetic acid, is also very effective but drastic method at destroying weeds. Your standard brown fish-and-chips vinegar will go a decent way to helping with your problem. Simply pour into a spray bottle and spritz onto the desired plants.
  7. Disposing of weeds properly. Collecting and burning them is a common method, as most composters are not capable of decomposing them. However, did you know that weeds can be composted in the HOTBIN? Learn how to compost weeds in the HOTBIN. 

 Can I Compost Weeds in the HOTBIN?

The answer is YES you can! Read the complete article to learn how…

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