Why is a Charcoal Filter needed?

Why is a Charcoal Filter needed?

Talking about un-wanted visitors to our composting bins... Here is why HOTBIN developed and added an integrated Charcoal-Filter to all its models, and How it Works.

HOTBIN's Charcoal-Filter is an integral part of the composter strategically located under the fixture plate of the top lid of all models. Its purpose is to detour un-wanted animals by neutralizing the composting odors coming from the top-lid air valve, that allows HOTBIN to work aerobically. If odors are not reduced or neutralized, they can attract unwanted animals.

More on the Charcoal Filter

It is normal for the charcoal filter bag to be damp, as the water vapor produced inside, passes through it before exiting through the valve. However, this moisture, will not restrict airflow or cause a loss of internal temperature.

Should we Remove the Charcoal Filter if the HOTBIN is Cooling Down?
The answer is NO.  The charcoal-filter is an integral part of HOTBIN's operating and composting process and it should not be removed unless directed to do so by the HOTBIN team.

NOTE: If your charcoal-filter has been damaged, you can buy a replacement. Watch this video to learn how to replace it.

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