Why is Composting Trending?

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Why is Composting Trending?

One customer offers her unscripted opinion on the excessive food-waste many of us are experiencing now that families are spending more time eating at home. 

In the era of covid-19 we are finding ourselves in the confines of our home offices with more time on our hands to do things we never got to, and notice things that were never visible to our busy eyes.

One of the first things I noticed, was an increase in the amount of household kitchen waste being generated, and the need for more garbage bags, more walks to our garbage bins and the need for a bigger one.

I knew that we were not producing more waste… but we were now generating, collecting and disposing of our waste in one single place. Schools, Universities, offices and nearby fast-food providers now have less garbage to dispose of. However, landfills are probably receiving the same amount of waste, just not from the same places.

Why is Composting Trending?

Not surprisingly, I am one of many that have found a new purpose and way to do my fair contribution to the environment, by composting and preventing the waste generated in my household from going to landfill.

Now… don’t let ourselves go crazy. Although I started to compost this winter and our waste basket is happy to carry a lightened load, I was not ready to swap my savings in commuting-hours for composting chores. So, with that in mind, I conducted some short but informed Google research on composters, until I found the one that met my requirements.

Today, I have less garbage, the same size waste bin, I am composting and feel I am doing something for the environment. Most importantly, I still have my banked commuting hours to do other things! I can’t wait for Spring to start so I can start to spread my compost into mine and my family's garden beds!

Choosing the right composter very much depends on your lifestyle and personal goals. In my case, my lifestyle and goals requirements included a composter that could generate compost quickly and easily, reliable and compact enough to keep it near the house without becoming a garden eyesore. Also important to me, was the ability to reduce composting odors so to minimize the  attraction of unwanted animals and pests.

Finally, my choice was a HOTBIN Mini 26 Gal. (100 LT), for a family of 3.  Just like the name suggests, HOTBIN does get seriously hot reaching temperatures up to 140˚F. At these sorts of temperature, HOTBIN is 32 times faster than traditional cold composters which allows a composting cycle to be as little as 30-90 days.

If you are one of many looking to contribute to the environment by reducing household food waste, don’t think twice and start composting today!

For more information about HOTBIN Composting, visit https://hotbincomposting-us.com

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