Hello Autumn: What materials might you find in your garden to compost?
Autumn is a great time of the year to find plenty of compost-able material in the garden and get the HOTBIN operating at the higher end of hot composting temperatures.

So, what materials might you find in your garden to compost during late summer and early autumn?

Prune flowers, mow your lawn, cut-back evergreens, hardy geraniums, shrubs, etc., and add them to your compost pile. Don’t forget to add the indicated amount of shredded paper and mulch/wood-chips. >>Read More

  Composting is Nature’s Way of Recycling
I found an article that defines composting as ‘nature’s way of recycling.’ I couldn’t agree more with that definition, as nature is the power behind any method and existing composting device.

For years, backyard composting in rural areas have existed with great success. However, there is limited participation on densely populated urban areas  >>Read more
  Can the HOTBIN Compost Just Food Waste?
Yes. The HOTBIN doesn’t require the addition of garden waste in order for it to work effectively. The unit can be used to compost solely food waste – the only issue to consider would be waste types which need a higher temperature (104-140°F) to be composted such as cooked food waste/small bones >>Read more
  Mixing Leaves with Grass 

Leaves are great to mix in on your HOTBIN Composting with easy to digest waste such as grass. If you have a large lawn and trees... you can mix grass and leaves 50/50 by volume, and add them into HOTBIN. This mix will get to 140o F and reduce rapidly enabling you to top up in 5-7 days.>>Read more

  Fall... a good season for composting

Fall is a good time to assess the damage caused to your garden during summer’s growing season and add compost to replace lost nutrients. Fall is also a good time to start composting to have your garden’s soil ready for spring planting. >>Read more

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